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AVEAS was established as a response to today’s evolution of customer culture and the transformation it brings to the R&D, sourcing and supply chain tasks.

With the customer demand for personalization, the mass standardization is mutating into mass customization and the businesses are in need of innovative ideas to serve shrinking market segments atomized by countless individual preferences.

The strong connectivity among customers, through social media, is also bringing immediate and massive feedback on product performances and push all supply chain actors toward new solutions that are effective and efficient.

We continuously develop our services to provide the most up to date and efficient solutions to our clients.

AVEAS is a creator of designs, services and a provider of supply chain solutions.

Our businesses include design creation, product development, packaging and assembly manual conceptions, sourcing, trading, quality management and after sales services.

AVEAS's purpose is to generate products and services tailored to specific markets and to bring flexibility and speed to our customer's operations.

We are a team of passionate people, working with a network of manufacturers in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Most of our collaboration with these manufacturers date back more than 10 years.

We developed partnerships with 3D printing workshops, photo studios, printing companies in Asia to access the best skilled specialists in their respective fields and to optimize costs and lead time.




Passion and experience

They say it takes 10 000 hours of work of any trade to become a master.

Our experts in design, materials, product engineering, manufacturing and quality have invested tens of thousands of hours in the mastery of their skills.

AVEAS team includes, designers, engineers, technicians, quality controllers, computer graphics artists as well as marketing, logistic and finance specialists from Vietnam, China, Indonesia, France and Turkey.

AVEAS was founded by Clovis GUILLET.

As a Marketing, Research, Development and Quality Director at multinational trading companies, Clovis focused on design, product development and supply chain operations.

With 15 years of experience, he worked on hundreds of design and fabrication projects that allowed him to explore new materials and processes in various locations in Asia.

He was born and raised in France but worked in Iceland, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China which gave him a broad understanding of the market singularities and the supply chain challenges,

Today he is focusing on researching the best innovations for customers who value aesthetic, comfort, performances and quality.


Presence in major production centers

Our head office is located in Hong Kong (Kowloon).
Our sourcing and production offices are in China (Shenzhen), Vietnam (Qui Nhon) and Indonesia (Jepara).
Our office in France (Orleans) is handling the After Sales Service operations for the European market.